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Article in Blickpunkt Juwelier, Apr. 2015


brunoM – the new brand identity for egf’s traditional labels Rudolf Sickinger and Bruno Mayer – has launched a new retailer association. The brunoM Club is especially aimed at wedding ring specialists in small and medium-sized cities.

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Article in Goldschmiede Zeitung, Mrz. 2015

If in doubt, always choose love

derTRAURINGjuwelier has existed for ten years now. Started by egf Manufaktur in 2004, the initiative has become one of Germany’s largest associations for wedding ring specialists. On 26 and 27 January, 160 guests celebrated the association’s 10th anniversary at Gloria Theater in Cologne. The young brand ambassador Cosma Shiva Hagen put on a fantastic show.

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Article in Blickpunkt Juwelier, Feb. 2015

The egf annual meeting in Cologne celebrates a successful 2014

Cosma Shiva – just lovely!

Strong. Together is better –the growing success of the derTRAURINGjuwelier retailer association proves this. Around 150 delegates from ten countries were joined by the enchanting Cosma Shiva Hagen – the new ambassador for Simply Love – at this year’s annual meeting in Cologne.

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Article in Goldschmiede Zeitung, Sep. 2014


True to the slogan “moments of life”, the latest brunoM campaign is based on snapshots of happy moments – pastel-coloured photos of a wedding in the country. The happy couple are pictured with two boisterous children. “We chose this series of photos because they really suited our sophisticated brunoM collection,” says Content Manager Chris Binder. As egf’s Managing Director Hans Peter Barth says, “Pictures of children have a special way of conveying emotion. That’s why I’m certain the campaign will bring a smile to the faces of bridal couples.”

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Article in Goldschmiede Zeitung, Aug. 2014


The Pforzheim-based company egf Manufaktur is dedicated to customisation, cooperative partnerships, innovation and outstanding quality, and it is known for exploring new directions with its partners.

For egf Manufaktur’s Managing Director, Hans Peter Barth, long-term, close cooperation with specialist retailers is especially important. This is reflected in numerous activities, such as the derTRAURINGjuwelier marketing association, its training modules (USE training, system training, egf experience days, sales process training, and the platinum promotion programme) and various customer events. The secret to its success are its different collections. The traditional brand Eduard G. Fidel enchants customers with exceptionally high-quality design. Alongside the successful acredo collection, the Sickinger collection is now fully customisable, while the brunoM collection is mainly designed with young couples in mind. Big things are expected from brunoM’s new brand image.

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Article in Goldschmiede Zeitung, Jan. 2014


This year, egf Manufaktur’s team will once again invest much of its energy in the different brands. In January, it sent out invitations to its “Success though Emotions” event, organised together with the association derTRAURINGjuwelier.

On a stroll through egf’s facilities, you can see every stage of the ring-making process: melting alloys, rolling bars, stamping out ring blanks, turning and milling in the high-tech department and, of course, manual refining by goldsmiths, jewellery setters and polishers. In this company-owned workshop, around 95 employees produce each of the egf brands’ rings for couples – piece by personalised piece. The team’s product quality has been recognised with a certificate of quality from the University of Pforzheim. The hallmark of this quality is above-average hardness, achieved through the crucial “cold-forming” process whereby the ring blanks are carefully worked to the appropriate width. This makes the material durable, yet flexible, meaning the ring’s width can be easily altered if necessary.

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