Our Values

In 2019 we at egf have revised our existing value system. For this purpose, we organized a workshop with all employees, in which everyone could participate and express their thoughts.

We aspire the highest QUALITY every day in whatever we do.

Every day we inspire our customers with our high-quality rings and our love for the product. That's why we go the extra mile. We always offer our customers new innovative products and services. We have high standards in the quality of our products, the quality of our processes and the quality of how we deal with each other.

Sustainable success can only be achieved with RESPECT.

We respect the people we work with: colleagues, suppliers, customers, service providers. We accept that we have different qualities, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses, and we make a personal effort to good cooperation. We cultivate an appropriate tone and hear one another out.

We live a corporate culture in which everyone actively takes RESPONSIBILITY.

We take the initiative and the necessary measures to reach our goals. We trust and support one another and act according to our value system every day. As a company, we think and act sustainably, and we are fully aware of our social responsibility.

We orientate ourselves on figures, data and facts and thus create CLARITY.

Our key performance indicator is efficiency. We measure it daily using target times and actual times in terms of percentage (%) and costs (€). Further key indicators are for example delivery reliability, complaint rate, rejects and employee satisfaction. Clarity means to us executing tasks in a target-oriented way and to give and receive constructive feedback. We avoid any waste of resources and continuously optimize our work processes (lean principle).

We embody OPENNESS and have the courage for new ideas and risks.

We see opportunities, communicate sincerely and are open to new ideas. Appreciation and trust are the pillars of our open interaction with each other. For us, openness means always being ready for new innovations.

Of course we do not aim to be perfect, but we want to improve a little bit every day – in our interactions with each other and with our customers, service providers and suppliers. Only together we can create something valuable.