egf Manufactory – gold craftsmanship of the highest quality

The egf workshop is the heart of manufacturing for all our product lines. In manufacturing, we’re dedicated to the best-in-class principle and therefore guarantee excellent quality at every step along the supply chain. In our workshop, we alloy and smelt over 30 precious metals ourselves and have developed patented processing methods to give these metals and ring blanks a unique quality and hardness.

After casting, the ring blanks are processed with lathes and milling cutters on state-of-the-art CNC machines. Then, goldsmiths, jewellery setters and polishers create a distinctive design that ensures each piece of jewellery is truly unique. Finally, each ring is personalised with an elaborate laser engraving.

The extensive configurability of our products presents particular challenges in manufacturing, because all our processes have to be precisely coordinated. No ring is like any other, and each requires our utmost attention and flexibility in order to completely satisfy our customers.

The result is premium jewellery “made in Germany” – sold exclusively by specialist retailers and supported by a strong online presence. In addition, we work with jewellers to develop partnership and sales concepts, promote long-term, close cooperation and exchange knowledge to continually enhance our products and services.