SICKINGER – passion built on tradition

The SICKINGER brand has a rich, eighty-year history. It was founded by Rudolf Sickinger in the 1930s and joined egf Manufaktur’s portfolio of wedding rings in 1996. The brand is aimed at rational, quality-conscious couples who expect maximum individuality at an attractive price.

SICKINGER has become a mainstay in the wedding and friendship ring market thanks to its young, sophisticated designs, reasonable prices and broad appeal to different customers. Offering a selection of basic models, ring profiles, ring surfaces and gemstone settings, we can easily create rings with a unique character.

While you can design rings using the configurator on the SICKINGER website, it’s still important to seek tailored advice from our knowledgeable specialist partners – because evaluating the various ring profiles, shapes and materials requires experience, as does measuring the perfect ring size. This can only be guaranteed by meeting with the jeweller face-to-face.