egf brands – variety and quality to edge out the competition

egf Manufaktur boasts a diverse portfolio of five popular premium brands: eduard G. fidel Collection, acredo, SICKINGER, brunoM and DiamondsForYou.

egf Manufaktur’s extraordinary diversity in the wedding band and decorative ring segment offers our partners a number of competitive advantages – because each brand has its own, distinctive character. As a result, our portfolio meets the wishes and expectations of all customer segments. Our retail partners can therefore put together the perfect package for every couple. For all the brands, we guarantee excellent quality and maximum flexibility thanks to the wide range of configurations available within the brands.

egf Manufaktur’s brand diversity is the result of the continued expansion of our portfolio through different, well-established brands. We have gradually created a coherent family of brands, for which we offer our partners valuable sales support with ready-made communication and marketing tools. This allows us to offer a tailored range of top-quality wedding bands and friendship rings to suit all tastes – from traditional to modern and from exclusive to inexpensive.